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10 Bad Habits That Damage the Eyes Skin

You have probably woken up every other morning and wished dejectedly for some miracle to happen to your eyes. Peeping in the mirror might have become a much more pain staking activity than ever.

Over time, your eyes suffer the wrath of the harsh surroundings, improper diet, lack of this and that and excessive cosmetic brands trying to leave their mark of excellence. There is no wonder then that gradually your skin around the eyes tends to decay quite literally.

You can give a try to all the cosmetics you like or indulge in as many home remedies as you find but unless you change certain elementary habits in your lifestyle, degrading your precious eyes, you aren’t going to get many results. Below is a list of ten major habits that cause trouble to your eye skin.

Ah, ah, let me rub my eyes­­­
Those tiny blood vessels around your eyes get damaged every time you rub the delicate skin around your eyes. Your saggy eyelids and dark circles can be blamed upon this habit. For a youthful look, rubbing the eye skin is highly opposed.

Ooo, I forgot to pack my sunglasses
When you forget to put on your glares out in the sun you allow the harmful UV rays of the sun to penetrate your eyes. Not just that but an endless list of eye related diseases await your attention in case this exposure is constant.

Smoking is so cool
Name it and tag it. Majorly all components in a cigarette, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, are highly toxic. These components significantly alter the nutrients that reach your eyes. Every smoke is simply leaving your eyes devoid of what they need.

Vegetables suck, junk savours
You know them all, every nutrient and vitamin and fibre that vegetables are essentially rich in. Yes your eyes need them and no, your junk food does not contain even the slightest bit of either of these components.

Few minutes more on my phone before I sleep
Oh yes, why not! Just be prepared for a set of tired looking and puffy eyes the next morning for not sleeping well.

Soda is as good as water
No, there is no viable substitute to water and your eyes need it as much as your body. A well hydrated system can lend glow to your eyes.

What! Do I have blood pressure You may not like it but your current health status can greatly impact your vision and consequently your eyes. We all know where the bad health comes from.

I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow
You can postpone going to an eye specialist as much as you like but know this, early detection of any vital issues with your eyes will help in proper diagnosis.

My computer is the only world I know
Not only do you stand to get your vision affected, your eyes will gradually suffer the constant glare of the screen in the doomed shape of dark circles.

Makeup is my best friend
It is okay to get all glamour up but excess is always bad and definitely a routine is not great. Besides, improper use and removal are issues highly neglected.

So, now you know what not to do to your eyes!

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