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10 Ways how Coconut Oil is Going to Revamp your Life

Coconut Oil was once considered a bad thing in the past, because it contains high levels of saturated fat. But modern studies have now proved that saturated fats are harmless. From being demonized by medical journals in the past, Coconut Oil has now achieved the status of a ‘superfood’. Talk about an image makeover!

But why is it considered a superfood?

What miracles does it perform?

There is not one but several reasons to these questions.

It Fights Diabetes
Coconut Oil gives your body energy, without raising your insulin level.

Boosts Good Cholesterol
There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and Coconut Oil helps the good HDL Cholesterol in gaining a hand over the bad LDL Cholesterol.

Maintains Weight
Its saturated fat is easy to digest and goes straight to the liver, releasing energy (and not body fat), stimulating your body’s metabolism.

Fights Ageing
In 2013, US National Library of Medicine published a study that showed that Virgin Coconut Oil helps in improving antioxidants in our body.

Boosts Brain Function
Studies among Alzheimer Patients have shown increase of brain function with intake of Coconut Oil.

Fights Viruses & Bacteria
It is very effective in fighting tooth decay and helps fight almost everything from flu to measles.

Reduces Chances Of Seizures
Coconut Oil can increase the blood concentration of ketone bodies, reducing the possibilities of seizures in epileptic children.

Kills Hunger
It might sound like a bad thing, but Coconut Oil could reduce appetite due to its saturated fats. But a reduced appetite means less eating, which could help you maintain your weight.

Whitens Teeth
Besides fighting tooth decay, Coconut Oil also gives your teeth that pearly white shine.

High Smoke Point
When heated, oils with low smoke point (like Olive Oil) break down quickly into various chemicals that could be bad for health. Coconut Oil has a very high smoke point and could withstand high temperatures, making itself a healthy oil to cook in.

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