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4 Intrinsic Foods for a New Mother

Being mother is not a cake walk, your body goes through a number of changes postpartum. To overcome the changes and become a stronger mother, you need to follow a healthy diet. The losses your body have gone through need ultra care to recover and rejuvenate to a better self. There are a number of people around you who keep nagging you and pointing out for things not to eat. But you should majorly stick to what your doctors say and some old school teachings. You should always remember that every body is different and every single advice or practice might not suit you. So, if some exercise is not getting adapted by your body well, then you must abandon it there only.

Following is a list of fundamentals required for a new mother to resume a healthier self:

Have more calories
This is not the time to care about your weight gain. Your body has lost a lot of blood and gone through innumerable changes which require proper care to regain therefore, giving special attention to your food intake is the most crucial thing for you at present. You must keep taking nutritious and high on cal food like dals, legumes, soups, nuts, etc. You can also have shredded meat in soups but all this with very less spices and oil.

Increase the intake of calcium
It is said, a mother should keep taking extra calcium, till time her baby is on mother feed. It keeps the calcium level maintained in the body and encourages the body to sustain the milk flow for the baby.
Milk and milk products are the best sources of calcium.

Drink lots of water
Drinking water saves your body from water retention hence maintaining the right water levels in your body. It also detoxifies your body, keeping you away from possible diseases or gastric problems.

Ironise yourself
Because of high levels of blood loss, there are possible chances of iron deficiency in the body. Also, as new mother needs to be more energetic and active, the source of which is iron loaded food. Therefore including spinach in dal or vegetables you eat is a super idea. Again banana is a great source of iron for the body.

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