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5 Best Sources of Proteins Vegetarians need to know About

Vegetarians have a healthy lifestyle yet one of the most important elements that get missed out is proteins; you can’t exclude them completely owing to its part in muscle building and strength retention. Undeniably the richest sources of protein are meat, seafood, eggs and poultry products, but they are not the only protein stores.
On an average, an adult man requires 56 gm of protein whereas an adult woman requires 46 gm of protein. Vegetarians don’t need to count on just protein powder anymore; natural alternatives are available, referred as vegetarian protein source.

Dairy products
Milk is a compulsory drink in almost every household, also yoghurt is a part of daily diet and both of these provide vegetarians with fair amounts of protein. Chaanch and lassi are amazingly refreshing drinks that will push up protein consumption, plus the cheese, panner, ghee and butter contribute small amount of proteins to daily diet.
But for vegans there are 100% authentic vegetarian proteins that can be derived from plant based food products.

Pulses and Legumes
Legumes and Pulses have always been part of our Indian diet. Kidney beans, Chickpeas and Bengal gram are high on proteins and can find itself on any plate from main course to desserts.

Beans and Legumes
Legumes in the form of Dal form the most staple food of every household. Beans and lentils together form a power house of proteins in a vegetarian meal.

Soybean and its derivatives
Every 100 gm of Soybeans contain 36 gm of protein, which is a great way to achieve your daily quota of the nutrient. Besides the vegetarian protein supply Soy derivatives like Tofu, Soy milk, soybean powder and edamame don’t let you compromise with taste either.

Nuts and seeds are highly nutritious source of proteins. A handful of them, can you keep hunger at bay and satiated the protein needs. Nuts like walnuts, peanuts and pecans are a storehouse of proteins but you’ve got to keep a check on munching them ceaselessly to avoid excess weight gain.



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