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5 Reasons why Yoga is not for You

Yoga is among the oldest forms of art founded in Indian subcontinent. It has been practiced along many years and the legacy has been carried with pride even today. Evidently, yoga is perfect for the body and the mind but hey, who said that we all need yoga? Read on to find out why yoga is totally not meant for you.

You hate letting go off your stress
You love your corporate life and have become so used to all the stress that letting it go feels so intolerable to you. You don’t give a damn about all the fuss regarding lowering heart rate and blood pressure or boosting the immune system or treating conditions like anxiety and depression.

Your mind is eternally clear
You are either living in a world where everything is on the right track or your surroundings are so pure that nothing really affects you at the mental level. So why do yoga, which regulates your breathing and clarity of mind

Inflexibility is your cup of tea
Yoga can intoxicatingly increase your range of motion and reduce body aches. You can get rid of several chronic aches with regular yoga as well. But if you are really happy with how your body moves, then why do yoga?

You itch at the idea of a healthy lifestyle
Everything from wellness choice, diet and mental health improves. Don’t want all that? Don’t do yoga.

Monotonous is your kind of thing
Radical changes in lifestyle can be brought upon by yoga. If you really don’t want it, never do yoga.

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