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5 Strong Reasons why Oils are Trending

Facial oils are the new glow creams for the dry skin these days. Cosmetic market has seen a splurge in the demand of facial oils, which has resulted in the launch of more products in line. No doubt, these facial oils are effective, but what’s natural is natural and cannot be competed! Oils like almond, olive and coconut are known to be the best moisturizers for dry skin. They not only smoothens the skin but provide to the core nourishment to the pores Deep inside our skin. Therefore, are known as the best treatment measures for dry and patchy skin.

Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to facial oils this season:

  • Facial oils helps in the water retention from face, leading to long lasting glow and smooth skin. These keep the skin hydrated and balanced without the exposure to chemicals and synthesizers found in creams.
  • Oils can be combined with moisturizing creams, hence add quick glow and refreshing technique. These can be used an instant makeover tool to get glowing in seconds. For application, it can be applied after bath in the morning or after cleaning the face at night.
  • Face oils like almond oil and olive oil can make you look younger and gift you a wrinkle free skin, if you use it on a daily basis before going to bed.
  • Facial oils are a magical wand for people having ultra dry skin. It helps in recovering the patches and also keeps the face moisturized and even for long. Good moisturizing lotion can also be layered over it to give a lasting effect.
  • Natural oils help in maintaining the basic health of your skin and help to sustain the skin barrier because of the presence of fatty acids.

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