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6 Foods You Absolutely Need To Avoid If You Suffer From a Thyroid Disorder

Refrain from these 6 foods and get rid of your thyroid disorder

Sometimes, you may experience issues with your weight or health in general. This could be a result of some problems with your thyroid gland. In case you are worried about your health or you already have a thyroid condition then there are certain foods that you must completely give up. Here is a list of such foods!

1. Soy
The soy intake in your diet must be moderate. In case you are already consuming the synthetic thyroid hormones to tackle hypothyroidism then you must refrain from soy as it can cut down the body’s absorption level for medications. In case you like soy so much that you aren’t able to keep away from it, then you must consume it about 4 hours prior to the intake of medicines.

2. Cruciferous Veggies
It’s certain that you all are aware of the health benefits of broccoli and cabbage but these green vegetables are just not healthy for thyroid patients. Now, what about the iodine levels in your body? Of course cutting down the consumption of these cruciferous veggies might affect the iodine content in your body thus in order to stabilize the same you must ensure that you consume all necessary nutrients on every day basis.

3. Gluten
If you suffer from thyroid do not burden your body to tackle the gluten consumption. Gluten contains the protein gliadin which is not very beneficial for your body. So, when you consume gluten your body begins to fight the gliadin as well as the enzyme in thyroid.

4. Sugar
Too much sugar or sugary delicacies can overburden your pancreas. This could further lead to insulin resistance. Conclusively, there can be a damage of the thyroid coupled with a decrease in the hormone levels.

5. Fried Foods
If you eat a diet that is high in trans fat then it can hamper the functionality of the thyroid hormone substitution tablets. It may also hamper the body’s natural ability to produce the thyroid hormone

6. Coffee
Coffee is definitely not the best morning beverage for you. Over consumption of caffeine might affect your adrenal glands which can trigger the adrenal fatigue or promote thyroid conditions.

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