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7 eye issue that could be the sign of a serious health problems

7 Health Problems that come as a result of a normal eye issue

Ever thought that an eye exam could be as effective as any other physical examination? Remember guys, comprehensive eye exam is extremely important for several reasons. In case your eyesight has gradually been increasing then it is time for you to get a stronger prescription. Of course there are some eye related concerns that can be spotted by an eye doctor but beyond that there are some health issues that an eye doctor can spot during a comprehensive eye exam. There is also a possibility that you might just leave the eye doctor with a referral of another specialist because of some disorder detected by your ophthalmologist during the comprehensive eye exam. Here are some health problems that can be spotted during an eye exam.

1. Diabetes
Diabetic Retinopathy which is also the leading cause of blindness can be detected via comprehensive eye exam. In case there is a blood and other yellowish fluid popping off retina’s fragile and miniscule vessels then you are suffering from this disorder.

2. Cancer
Ocular Melanoma is a form of cancer that may lead to pigmentation in the eye. It can be detected if the eye specialist notices some unusual structures or growth in the eye. Skin cancer too can be detected by eye exam.

3. Hypertension
Hypertension or sign of high blood pressure can also be detected via an eye exam. In case during an eye exam, there is bleeding or any form of kinks in the new blood vessels then you are suffering from Hypertension.

4. Autoimmune Disorders
Autoimmune disorders or the inflammation of the retina courtesy light sensitivity can also be detected by eye exam.

5. High Cholesterol
Presence of any yellowish ring around the cornea would mean high cholesterol levels and this in turn can pose a risk of heart stroke.

6. Thyroid Disease
Grave’s Disease or the overactive thyroid categorized by bulging eyes can also be detected via a routine eye exam.

7. Tumors
Have droopy eyes? Could be a sign of tumor in the neck or maybe aneurysms!

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