We are the new age Entrepreneur’s , From different fields joined together to face the new opportunities and challenges of Life.

At MANDDO we are committed to serve the ailing humanity with quality and economy by the medical fraternity available to everyone.

Here at MANDDO, we attempt to provide medical services for everyone while bridging the gap between the needy and the service provider with the best available technology.
Our prime emphasis is to make the India healthy & happy and therefore we aim to achieve this by believing in the following five A’s:

  • ACCESSIBLITY – At MANDDO ,medical services can be accessed by any individual with just a smart phone with an access to the internet connection. With easy to use features and no technical jargon, it can be used by any layman without having any knowledge of medical terminology. Also the availability or non-availability of the medicines can be checked without running across the town between one counter to another, saving a lot of time and energy.
  • AVAILABLITY – The upcoming app provides the availability of Doctors, hospitals, pathological labs, diagnostic centres ambulance and medicines just one click away. On the call for ambulance, all the nearby available ambulances are notified and the nearest ambulance and medical services can be accessed. The upcoming app app also helps to track the distance of the ambulance to the site so as to avoid any wastage of time in the hour of action.
  • AFFORDABLITY – We are committed to make varied options in diagnostics , laboratory investigations and medicines affordable for everyone.
  • ASSURANCE – We assure to make the best medical treatment available to everyone in the most convenient way so as to reduce the hassles and bring happiness to everyone.
  • AFFECTION – In every action of our’s affection will be the main ingredient. We provide services for chronically ill patients who are bedridden at home so as to avoid inconvenience for the patient and the family. With the doctor’s opinion and emergency services available just a click away, we try to ensure the family and the patients confidence and ease in their difficult times.


To realize this dream, lets use technology to save lives !