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Amebiasis Treatment | Symptoms & Prevention of Amebiasis

Amoebiasis is a parasitic tainting of the guts realized by the protozoan Entamoeba histolytica, or E. histolytica. The appearances of amoebiasis fuse free stool, stomach cramping, and stomach torment. In any case, a large number individuals with amoebiasis won’t experience huge symptoms.


Exactly when signs happen, they tend to appear to be one to four weeks after ingestion of the developments. Symptoms at this stage tend to be smooth and join free stools and stomach cramping.

In case the parasite assaults the covering of your digestive framework, it can make amebic detachment of the insides. Amebic detachment of the guts is a more unsafe sort of the illness with progressive watery and mischievous stools and genuine stomach cramping. In case the parasite enters your course framework, it can end up in your liver, heart, lungs, mind, or diverse organs, where it causes tissue pummeling and abscesses. The liver is a progressive destination for the parasite. Signs of amebic liver contamination join fever and delicacy in the upper-right some bit of your center.


Treatment for uncomplicated cases of amoebiasis generally contains a 10-day course of metronidazole  given by mouth. Your pro may in like manner prescribe medicine to control nausea in case you require it.

If the parasite is accessible in your intestinal tissues, the treatment must address the living thing and additionally any damage to your sullied organs. Surgery may be crucial if the colon or peritoneal tissues have gaps.


Fitting sanitation is the best approach to avoiding amoebiasis. Tail this regimen when get prepared and eating food:

  • Thoroughly wash verdant nourishment’s before eating.
  • Avoid eating characteristic items or vegetables unless you wash and peel them yourself.
  • Stick to separated water and soft drinks.
  • If you ought to drink water, bubble it or treat it with iodine.
  • Avoid ice shapes or wellspring drinks.
  • Avoid milk, cheddar, or other unpasteurized dairy things.
  • Avoid support sold by street traders.

If all else fails, totally wash hands with chemical and water in the wake of using the restroom and before dealing with sustenance.

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