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Apple Cide Vinegar the Super Drink that can Transform your Life

Apple Cider Vinegar is a potent combo of natural ingredients that could help you with problems like skin rejuvenation, weight loss, reduced cholesterol and hair related issues.

Apart from being used in salad dressings and making pickles, ACV is a wonderful homemade ‘all in one’ beauty product that caters to almost all your needs. We need it more than before now because the markets today are flooded with beauty products that contain harmful chemicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar cleans the scalp and removes all the impurities left by dust and pollution. In short, it cleans the hair and fixes all the damage done by the chemically treated hair products. It also detangles hair, treats dandruff and helps in hair growth. It closes the cuticles of the hair, making them reflect more light. Result = shiny, silky, hair!

Easy and safe to use, ACV has been gaining popularity as a domestic hair care substitute in many countries across the world. But before you start using ACV on your hair, do take care of the following:

First, you need to ensure that the ACV you have is raw, organic and unfiltered. There are many ACVs in the market that are refined. You need the ACV that contains the beneficial enzymes, bacteria and trace minerals that make it so good for your hair.

  • Remember to dilute it before using.
  • Always use 1 part water and 2 part ACV.
  • Be sure to shake it every time before using it.

Some people use higher concentration of ACV in water because oily hair need more ACV. While dry hair can make do with less concentration. It is always better from start with a lower concentration and see how your hair react. You are the best judge to know how much ACV your hair needs.

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo first and then apply your ACV solution. While washing your hair, don’t let ACV get in your eyes because it will cause a stinging sensation.

Wash, rinse and do it a few times in a week, and soon you will start seeing the results.

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