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Apples Are Good For Migraines

Migraine pains can be difficult to tackle. The excruciating pain brings about almost everything in the daily routine to a halt. There are plenty of reasons why a migraine may occur and doctors prescribe enormous number of medications to get rid of them. However, what can really hurt you in the long run is the habit of consuming medicines every now and then. Frequent intake of medicines can be detrimental to your health. In such an event, what can really boost up your health and take away your pain at the same time is a dose of some natural supplements. Without doubt, our nature is a treasure of various remedies, which we sadly fail to recognise. Among other remedies is your kitchen fruit, Apple. Yes, apple can have significant benefits for your migraines. Read on to find how.

Take a whiff of those luscious green apples

  • In a study conducted recently on patients suffering from migraine, it was discovered that certain scents can prove to be very useful in getting rid of unwanted migraine pain.
  • Among other scents, was the scent of fresh green apples.
  • A staggering number of patients responded positively towards the scent of green apples and the level of migraine pain seemed to decrease exponentially as soon as the patients were bought in contact with the zesty scents.
  • The study more closely observed that people who had a fondness for the fragrance of green apples displayed a much greater response towards the treatment with the scent.

Keep the apple skin at bay

  • Some studies have also revealed that the acidic skin of an apple can trigger headaches in some patients.
  • It is therefore advisable for people to avoid consumption of apple skin to keep the migraines at bay.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

  • Apples are the fruits which are most commonly prescribed for getting rid of pains naturally.
  • This makes apples all the more essential for people who suffer from migraine, to get rid of the pains instantly.

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