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Beauty Tips for Dark Circles

“A woman’s eyes are the first place to show up significant signs of her actual age and her daily routine, more importantly her nights.”

Dark circles are like shapes of doom for every lassie. Waking up to a morning with dark circles under the eyes is a nightmare that no woman really wants to face. Run as much as you like but these circles of doom will keep erupting every other morning under your eyes, no matter whether you have to give a corporate presentation that day or meet your date after a long time.

Like every lock has a key, each of your skin problems has a friendly solution somewhere out there. All you need is, is to be a smart lady and keep some beauty fixes at hand to get rid of those unsightly dark circles in an instant.

C for concealer
Get rid of old beauty products that make your skin go dry. Stock up on a good concealer that is importantly creamy in texture. Just dab some around your eyes when you feel the need for it. Use a professional makeup brush or even just your fingers if you aren’t quite up to it, and spread the concealer on the affected areas that shows darkness.

Funky foundation
You can even use your foundation as an alternative to a concealer. Squeeze out some foundation and let it sit there for a while before building it up around your eyes. This will allow time for your foundation to oxidise a bit to add volume to it.

Delicious diet
Not much of a beauty fix? Believe it or not, minor changes towards the positive side in your diet can work miracles to make a change under your eyes. A healthy lifestyle brings several benefits to your beauty, beautiful eyes included.

Hydrate with H2O
We all know about the miracles that water does to our body. Isn’t it exciting to know that the same water also helps in maintaining the beauty of your eyes! Yes, keeping yourself well hydrated will help you in warding off those dark circles as well. So make sure you take your daily intake of water well.

Sizzling sparkle
If you wish to draw away attention from those dark circles, dab on some eye shadow on your lids that matches your attire to compose your overall look. Besides a good job with a concealer, the eye shadow will enhance your look as well.

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