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Beauty Tips for Sparkling Eyes

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who is the most beautiful of all!”

Believe it or not, you may stand in front of your mirror every morning asking it the same question on loop but you are really not going to get the answer in your favor, not even in the literal sense, unless you plan something to get that old dusty weird look away from your sober eyes.

You can Google about it as much you like, and get a long list of reasons why your eyes have turned from bright to dull in the last few years. Surprisingly enough for you, or not, you will willingly relate to many of those reasons and start killing time blaming your hefty schedule and the lack of time for your lost charm.

Dear mademoiselle, nothing on this planet works better at improving your condition than your own efforts and a religious routine of following them daily. It is time to stop fretting the reasons for them, just peep in a mirror and if you find yourself feeling depressed about the condition of your eyes, it is time to take out 5 minutes out of your schedule and do something to set them right.

Scrounge your groceries for making a salad, and oh, well, for your new beauty ingredients
Like your study syllabus, start with the absolute basics. Correct everything that is wrong with your routine and makes your eyes dull. Take ample sleep daily for a healthy lifestyle and before that massage some almond oil around your eyes to make the skin soft and supple. Included green tea in your diet regime and use the tea bags later to soothe your eyes. Include foods with Vitamin C in your diet for complete diet supplement such as amla and also used water soaked in it for splashing on your face. Sprinkling rose water on your face can instantly uplift any tired looking skin.

Where nothing works, makeup does
So, you are short of time and have to immediately run for an urgent meeting. Put on those envying pumps and rush over to your dressing table and get to work with your cosmetics. Adding a shimmering light shade under your lower lash line in the centre will enhance your eyes instantly. Curl your lashes, apply some mascara to make your eyes pop out enchantingly. Applying an eye shadow that complements your skin tone will work greatly to enhance your overall look. Apply kohl over your lower lash line as well as your upper lash line to make your eyes appear distinct. With minimal makeup, you are ready to take on the world with your dazzling eyes. Though, you must always remember to remove the makeup before going to sleep.

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