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Benefits of Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is very similar to regular meditation. The only difference between the two is that the latter is performed with self-knowledge about meditation and the former is led by an expert in meditation. This is beneficial for learners or beginners who may find it difficult to sit in a single position and meditate. The teaching hand of an expert in meditation or yoga is essential to reap its benefits. The best way to practice guided meditation is to enroll yourself at a yoga center where you will be taught to meditate in the right way or even take guidance from someone who knows how to meditate.

Guided meditation is not that different from self-meditation. The presence of a mentor or a Guru will help you focus on those areas in your life that require you to be at peace. Guided meditation helps you to master the art of meditation so that you can meditate without the help of a guide in the near future.

The benefits of Guided meditation are numerous. If you find it difficult to sit in a stable position without talking, then guided mediation can definitely help you achieve that and a lot more.There are different variations of guided meditation and each can be practiced keeping a specific goal in mind.

Guided mediation has innumerable advantages if done with all the focus and energy. Guided meditation helps in develop cognitive skills, increase concentration power. It also helps in relieving stress or the mental anxiety that builds up in one’s mind. Listed below are some more benefits of practicing guided meditation:

Balance of emotions
Emotional balance is a state of mind that exists only when the mind is free of emotionally painful thoughts which could cause trauma to an individual. For someone going through a dark or challenging phase in life, achieving inner peace or emotional balance is quite difficult. Hence, guided meditation helps a person to look inward and beyond the emotional disturbances in one’s life.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Studies have revealed that meditation helps in lowering blood pressure by enabling the body to be less responsive to stress causing hormones.

There is a striking difference between people who mediate and people who don’t. People who mediate regularly can train their minds to listen to them, while people who don’t, get overpowered by the fallacy of their minds. So when both minds experience emotional turbulence, the ones who meditate breeze through it, while the ordinary mind triggers a storm which furies further.

Meditation gives clarity of thought, which is vital for taking those crucial decisions at work or in life. So, start your day or an important meeting with few minutes of meditation so as to think with a clear and clutter free mind.

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