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Simple 3 Abdominal Exercises at Home

A Flat stomach is a badge of fitness. It’s an outward sign that you’re conscious about your appearance and watch-out for your calorie intake; staying fit holds utmost importance to you and definitely you’ve got a strong will power to curb down you desires for your favourite munch-on. The vanity for the absolute svelte figure is definitely worth it. Needless to mention it takes more than just dedication to go on with the hours of exercise targeted for your abdominal muscle toning. Now for the ones who crave to have the same sleazy look with a fabulous flat stomach but lazy enough to put on the hard work at gym – don’t lose your heart; there are free hand exercises that you can squeeze in into your daily schedule to make it all happen. May be it’ll take a little longer but if you stick to it you’ll not just burn the extra flab but tone all your abdominal muscle.
Crunches / Sit-ups
Its an inescapable must to get you the perfect Flat stomach. Lie straight on the ground, knees folded and feet flat on the floor. You can either keep your hands on the back of your head or fold them to create an X by touching your shoulders with the opposite hands. Keeping the balance and pressing on the body weight on your lower legs lift your upper body towards the folded knee as much as you can. Hold on for 5 seconds at your peak; exhale as you rise up and inhale while you go back down. Start with a set of 15 to 20 sit-ups; keep increasing the count as you get more and more accustomed to it.
Hip lifts
Lie on your back with your arms by your sides, palms facing down. Now slowly raise your legs straight up without parting them or bending your knees and try pulling your stretched legs along the waistline towards your upper body. Keep the pace slow and hold on for 5-10 seconds when you fully stretch up your legs and hold on for another 10 seconds when you bend it over; to be repeated at least 15 sets. You can hold your waist cupping your hands behind for additional support in starting days.
Lay your face down, hands folded at the elbow and the entire upper hand from plams to elbow rest on the floor. Now touch your toes on the ground to balance you body weight, and push your upper body upwards; exerting the pressure on the hand and the toes but without changing the posture of your forearm. Repeat a few sets and combine with side planks that involve raise up your body in the same manner only laying sideways and resting on one hand at a time. It’s one of the most effective belly-busting yoga poses blended into easy contemporary mode for making the Flat stomach goal easy to achieve.

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