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Bring Your Gums Back with these Hacks

In this era of rush and junk, receding gums is a common normal dental condition. As a consequence, the margin present in the tissues of the gum wears away and exposes part or entire tooth including the root. Though not taken seriously, this can create serious harm and infection to the teeth. The tissues of the gum can be re generated easily with the following simple tips:

Oral Hygiene
Hygiene is important in every aspect of our lives the same goes with oral hygiene. It is essential to maintain oral cleanliness and rinse mouth every few hours. Use a soft toothbrush and avoid being aggressive as it harms the gums. Also it is important to brush twice a day as we have been told since our childhood. In today’s technical world, an ideal option is to use electronic brushes in order to avoid too much pressure on your teeth gums.

Plenty of Water and a Nutritious Diet
Nutritious diet and right amount of water in take helps us solve a variety of problems, including this one. First of all, one should start using water as an alternative to soda and other juicy items. Drinking sufficient amount of water, removes the food particles left in the mouth after meals and control the oral pH preventing bacteria from growing. Consuming food items like lemon, kale, salmon, kiwi etc, rich in Vitamin C as well as Omega 3s avoids inflammations form gingivitis.

Oil Pulling Method
Oil pulling process is one of the best remedies to grow back receding gums, offering high levels of guaranteed benefits. The traditional therapy involves taking one spoon coconut or sunflower oil in your mouth for at least 15 to 20 minutes and later spitting it out. This method helps fight against gingivitis plaque and microorganisms and grow back your gums.

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