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Did you know the Benefits of Garlic gets Amplified when Consumed in Empty stomach

In many cultures time and again, garlic has been the sacred queen of spices; the tempting flavour is not the only reason for its esteem among spices. The tales of this versatile food has no end. Garlic was considered as antidote to many poisons during the reign of the Roman Empire, while later on its acclaimed the prominence of preservative throughout

Lots of health benefits are associated with gulping down some garlic in empty stomach before you stuff in any food; it helps regularize your gut flora, reinforce your immune system, and fight against bacterial contaminations. However refrain from consuming more of it to speed up immunity boost, its strong flavour and pungent taste isn’t that easy to handle. It’s advisable to start with couple of crumbs  and build it up bit by bit every day.

Numerous health benefits of garlic on routine use in empty stomach

  • As Antibiotic: Many studies conducted on the properties of garlic show that eating it on an empty stomach makes it a powerful natural antibiotic. It is more effectual when you exhaust it before breakfast because bacteria is exposed and cannot guard it from succumbing to its might.
  •  For topical infections: Many people use garlic to treat their skin warts and fungal infections. Evidences also indicate that the usage of garlic on skin surface is too effective against infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot as well.
  • Fortify immune system: Eating garlic in empty stomach does enhance its antioxidant properties that help boost your immune system to get stronger. Don’t abandon the habit though, regularity needs to be maintained.
  • Controlling hypertension: It is found that garlic helps relieve blood pressure, trigger platelet aggregation and loosen plaques from blood vessels thereby undoing effects of cholesterol. It’s an all round protection for your heart.
  •  Shield against Cancer: The compound germanium found in garlic is an effective anti-cancer agent. Its part in cure is still debatable but regular consumption of garlic in empty stomach reduces risk of cancer occurrence.

Believe it or not there are prevalent myths that say besides fending off health demons Garlic keeps you safe from vampire invasions too.

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