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Diet for Ebola Patients | Nutrition and Ebola Guidance

  • Patients should be outfitted with sustenance if they are mindful and can swallow.
  • The supporting needs and approach to manage dietary thought in any individual will be controlled by the patient’s first wholesome status, earnestness of sickness and age.
  • The sustenance that is offered to the patient should ideally be pleasant and engaging; be supplement thick; be liquid, semi-solid or solid (dependent upon the patient’s condition); be anything other than hard to ingest and not require assistance from restorative administrations staff when the patient eats (as they have limited time to); pass on obliged threat of bacterial corrupting when kept at the bedside for 2–3 h; and not require various eating utensils, as these can be a wellspring of debasement.
  • At whatever point possible, an assessment should be done on patients, to exhibit what they can and get a kick out of the chance to eat, with a particular final objective to traverse any hindrance between what is nutritiously required and what the patient needs to eat.
  • The affirmation of high supplement thick sustenance’s (e.g. arranged to-use-therapeutic food [RUTF] and arranged to-use-supplementary sustenance [RUSF]) may be basic in patients in the early time of the ailment who still have desiring and no eating inconveniences; in patients who are wiped out for additional time periods (e.g. up to 3 weeks); in the recovery stage; and taking after discharge.
  • Sustenance things to be considered for each supporting stage for EVD patients (adults and children over 6 months) in ETUs. Enteral managing things are not recorded, as the usage of nasogastric tubes is not at this moment recommended for the treatment of EVD in most field settings. Regardless, when patients persist nasogastric tube game plan, extraordinary cases can be made for treatment centers that are totally outfitted with satisfactory and appropriate staff and material, incredible tainting shirking/control practice, and awesome waste-exchange organization.


Information on empowering babies who have EVD, or whose mothers have EVD
  • Milk-based fortified liquid eating procedures
  • Taste energizes (liquid eating procedures)
  • Fortified moves/bars
  • Fortified grain vegetable flours
  • Fortified spreads/pastes
  • Ordinary family supports
  • Potassium-rich sustenance e.g. unsweetened juices, squashed natural items.
  • Supported spreads/pastes
  • Standard family sustenances
  • Potassium-rich supports e.g. unsweetened juices, beat regular items.

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