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DIY home remedies for Vitiligo white patches

Vitiligo is a skin disease which is recognized more commonly as white-coloured patches or innumerable distinct spots on the skin that also appears in large swaths. This patchy skin is formed due to the loss of skin pigment (melanin) making the skin look white at those particular patches of the skin; caused by the inappropriate functioning of the melanin producing cells (melanocytes). Though there is a rumour about Vitiligo being incurable and somewhat communicable it’s only a myth. Modern day medicine can eradicate the white patches provided you start early treatments.

Besides big-shot allopathic drugs and herbal topical products that are very much effective against
white-patches, even household ingredients serve as suitable natural remedies for Vitiligo.

Coconut oil
Implement applying coconut oil over the affected area on skin by Vitiligo twice or thrice every day. Coconut oil helps in development of new cells rather speed it up, so the short term deficiency of melanin will not even leave a trace for long.

However for prolonged condition of white patches that multiplies over time try the following.

Papaya is a universal treatment to a bunch of skin problems. Papaya pulp is very useful for providing the right pigments to your skin – one of the best remedies for Vitiligo to replenish the normal skin colour to the white patches on your body.

Red Clay
Red clay is a cheap and among the extremely efficient natural remedies for Vitiligo. The copper content in it repairs the melanocytes to produce ample skin pigment. Mix a tablespoonful cinnamon juice to 2 tablespoon of red clay and rub it over the white patch invasions. Also the rubbing and increases the blood circulation, everyday use help regain non-patchy healthy skin.

Turmeric extract and Mustard Oil
A combination of turmeric and mustard oil performs rampantly in reducing white-coloured patches caused by Vitiligo. Mug-up the recipe-grated fresh turmeric bulbs is better than processed powder, smear it over the patches and leave it on for a while, when it gets somewhat dry rub it off and rinse thoroughly. Do not use any cosmetic soap or cleansers.

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