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Do I Need to Stretch Before Exercising | Stretching Benefit

Everybody wants to have a good physique, with good symmetry and reasonable muscle mass, but everybody doesn’t get it. Some end up getting injured in exercises and some never improve in their body composition. It most of the times happens when they doesn’t follow all the rules.

What are the basic rules?

Always warm-up for 10-15 minutes to enhance the level of oxygen in the body and increase the blood flow to all the muscles.
Spend time in stretching your lower back, upper back, legs, arms, chest and shoulders.
Stretch in between your sets.
Stretch after the workout is done
Cool down exercises or post workout cardio for extra fart burning effect.
People often think why is stretching important?

After warm-up stretching

This is important because this helps your muscles to lengthen and the muscles which lengthens to its maximum limit has less chances of breakage or lets say, less chance of injury.

Stretching between sets

This kind of stretching helps in the release of Lactic acid from the muscles. Lactic acid forms when workout is done for many repetitions. Intra-workout stretching also helps in the flow of fresh blood in the muscle cells and the release of used blood back towards the lungs.

Stretching after the workout

When the workout is finished, one has to worry about the recovery factor, which insists another 10 minutes of stretching after having the post workout drink. This again helps enhancing the circulation and pushes fresh blood into the muscles where stress was applied.

Later the post workout does it duty; it reaches the muscles used and starts its recovery job.

Follow these principles and see for yourself how you can create an awesome physique just by putting all the good things together in one single workout session.

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