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Does Sleep Affect the Weight Loss

All dieting, exercises and your physical workouts fail in shredding your pounds if you do not have proper sleeping schedule. Medical research and studies suggest that loss of sleep can directly affect your next day diet. Improper sleep increases the cortisol level in the blood, a hormone which is released at the time you are under stress and is responsible for regulating your appetite. Over-eating due to lack of sleep in turn increases insulin production and can lead to high blood sugar level.

Sleep Disorder Centre in Atlanta says, when you have improper sleep leptin level shows a sudden fall- means your brain does not get signal that your stomach is full and subsequently ghrelin level in your body increases, stimulating your appetite hence resulting in overweight.

Overweight people are likely to have pain in lower back region which interfere their night sleep.It’s important to ensure that you have the deep night sleep so that you give proper rest to your body and brain. Following recommendation can help you in proper night sleep-

  • Have a warm bath or shower before sleep.
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol at least 6 hrs before sleep.
  • Avoid short naps during the day time.
  • Go to bed when you are tired but don’t alter your morning schedule accordingly.
  • Keep the clock away at night so that you cannot see them, this will avoid stress and provide you with proper sleep.

When your body get adequate amount of rest it will not only support your weight loss program, but also keep your mind active and fresh throughout the day.

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