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Don’t Skip Meals to Lose Weight | Fitness Tips

When someone is planning to lose weight, they hardly worry when their meal gets skipped. They generally think that this is going to help them in some way to lose extra fat, but the inverse happens. It is very important to have meals at a regular interval that’s the reason why most of the dieticians recommend 6 or 7 meals a day. Every meal intends a boost in the sleeping metabolism, forcing it to work harder for the next few hours and resulting into more calorie burn, even when one has to sit in the office and work in front of a computer.

Frequent meals keep boosting the metabolism and help in reducing weight. On the other side when a person is having 6 meals a day along with rigorous workout at the gym, the recovery factor stands high headed which enables the muscle repair and increase the fat burning effect further more. It becomes important to provide body with adequate nutrition when workout is really brutal, and one cannot eat all the protein and carbs required in a day, in 2 -3 meals. The food has to be divided into small portions and spread throughout the day so catabolism is avoided and the anabolic stage keeps the optimum recovery running all day.

Skipping meal will simply cannot help as it would decrease the recovery and cannot even stop the catabolism , on the contrary one would lose muscle mass and gain fat instead of vice versa. So stay focused with the nutrition and workout, put equal effort on both the sides and change yourself smartly and effectively.

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