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Affective Ayurvedic Measures to Treat PCOS

The life of a woman is indeed very difficult. She not only has to keep a positive balance between her household chores and professional work, but also has to go through a number of medical changes in her body. These changes keep happening throughout her life, some leave a positive impact and some result in the birth of a series of health problems. As they say women are stronger than men, no doubt they are because if men were to go through all the mensuration and pregnancy times, they must have called it a quit. Women, by birth, are gifted with the power of endurance. But some changes really prove to be testing times and end up creating health problems for the woman in concern. One such health issue is PCOS, i.e. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, wherein a number of cysts get developed in the ovaries of the woman. This results in hormonal imbalance which can lead to irregular periods and difficulties in conceiving. Every problem can be treated naturally so can PCOS. Here are some Ayurvedic measures to be taken for the rightful treatment of PCOS.

A detailed Ayurvedic treatment which helps in cleaning away the toxins from the body and mind. It helps in rejuvenating the body by restoring the energy and working towards the regular mensuration cycle and ovulation. The process helps in maintaining the hormonal balance by providing strength to the reproductive organs. It also enables high chances of fertility.

Intake of certain herbs like blue cohosh, dandelion, false unicorn and milk thistle are a great source to regulate the sex hormones. Other herbs like neem, tulsi, basil, etc helps in managing the insulin resistance.

Doing proper exercise and giving full rest to the body helps the organs to boost up and be more active and productive. The postures designed in yoga for PCOD are such that they provide relaxation and strength to the pelvic area and makes the reproductive organs more strong and productive

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