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Effective Natural Medicines for Hair Growth

“Staring at the mirror, she craved for hair as long as Rapunzel’s.”

You may read endless articles about the metabolism of your hair, how you should eat this and that to let your hair grow out in a week or how you should use this shampoo and that conditioner for effective hair growth. Galore of these advice are based around promotion of a particular product or idea. However, a smart lassie like you surely realizes that perhaps your shampoos and conditioners are merely needed to take out routine build up from the hair and make them manageable time and again. What your hair really needs to be strong and grow out are some essential elements, just what you devoid your hair from. There are a number of factors that lead to hair growth, the absence of which can also keep your hair from growing. You do not need a hefty long list of ingredients to treat your hair with love. You simply need the goodness of few essential items for your hair and its growth. Read on to find out what can work effortlessly for your hair.

Rosemary oil
Oils have found notable mention since ancient times for their ability to aid in hair growth and strength. Your scalp is where your hair growth begins. Simply start massaging your scalp with these essential oils at home. Over time you will notice the difference they make to your hair. Not only will an oil massage improve circulation of blood to your hair but also enhance the roots and tips of hair for a greater sheen. Rosemary oil is used for its beneficial nutrient content that aids in diluting the blood vessels of the scalp, hence promoting hair follicles to produce new growth.

Egg yolk mask
Eggs are another common kitchen ingredient that have gained fame over many years for their excellent properties promoting hair growth. Eggs contain elements named lecithin and proteins which give healing properties to the hair scalp. The sulfur contained in them can also help ward off dandruff issues. Absolute nourishment and strength are the gifts of this amazing common household item.

Castor oil
This amazing oil has properties that keep all hair infections at bay. The rich fatty contents of this oil deeply penetrate the hair and seal the hair strands to retain essential moisture. It stores all nutrients in the hair and leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth.

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