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Effective Tips to Treat Tired Eyes At Home

how to reduce puffy eyes 

“The world appeared much brighter when I saw everything reflected in her beautiful eyes.”

Seeing around, much likely at everything, is more similar to the act of breathing. Unconscious and unintentional, yet happening all the while. We use our eyes for the length and breadth of the entire day without giving it a second thought. Obviously, our eyes tend to get tired after having to work for so long all along the day.
Just like our body, our eyes need some rest too. Even while we sleep, we tend to disturb our eyes constantly in between by staring at out phone screens. It is quite natural then, to see your eyes losing their original beauty and charm over time.
Every girl genuinely wants to look the best and the above revelation is simply depressing to read, to say the least. Well, it is never too late girl. Read on to find some great tips that will help you to keep your tired eyes at bay.

Cool your eyes with cucumber
Be it swelling, puffiness or dark circles, cucumber juice tends to all. When used chilled, the benefits of the juices are increased immensely. You can either slice up a cucumber and keep it over your eyes, and well, binge on some too, or you can extract the juice and keep soaked cotton balls over your eyes for an intensely soothing experience.

Way to go with water
Not only is drinking ample water beneficial for your health, splashing some cool water over your face several times a day will keep any swelling away. For a clear and glowing skin, water is an essential element. So before you spend too many bucks on beauty products, work on the basics first.

Time to store those tea bags
Your green tea bags are still useful for your eyes even after being used. Simply refrigerate them for a while and once chilled, wrap them around a tissue and place them over your eyes to get rid of any puffiness, swelling and tired look. The soothing properties in tea help rejuvenating your skin.

All hail aloe Vera
The vitamin and anti-oxidant properties contained in genuine aloe Vera can work wonders for your tired eyes. Extract aloe Vera from a fresh leaf and gently rub the gel from the leaf around your eyes. Within minutes you will notice considerable difference in the appearance of your eyes. It also helps in improving blood circulation.

All of these ingredients are stored right there, in and around your homes and office. There is absolutely no excuse for escaping from using these regularly. After all, you deserve pretty eyes.

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