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Best 4 Exercises to retract your tummy-bulge after pregnancy

Pregnancy though is a thing that brings immense happiness; it also rings the alarm bell for figure conscious generation. It’s fair enough to want to maintain the svelte get-up thereafter. But that’s not going to happen overnight; your stomach will still have a post-pregnancy pooch for quite some time, even if you’ve lost the bulk of your infant weight.Chances are you’ve got to put up substantial effort to speed up the tummy retraction in form of specialized post-pregnancy stomach exercises.

Now if you’re up for the stride to get back in shape real quick, add the post pregnancy stomach exercises program in your workout regime. To start with you can try the following to expedite on the tummy retraction.

Pelvic Tilt
Lie on your back with your knees curved,feet flat on the floor and your arms by your side. Tuck a pillow under your waist and another between your legs.Draw your abs in for the tummy retract effect,then rotate the pelvis and engage the glutenous to go up by pushing onto your lower back. Repeat for 8 to 10 instances.  You can start as early as one week after birth but in case you had a cesarean section don’t start workout until 8 weeks post pregnancy for stomach exercises.

Pelvic Bridge
Once you grasp pelvic tilt and your body adapts to mild post pregnancy stomach exercises you need add variety in workout. Starts in the same posture to that of the previous one only heel should touch the floor and fold in your arms to rest your elbows. Perform the pelvic tilt but raise one vertebrate at a time till the shoulder plate halt in the position for a few second and get back to the starting posture. Perform minimum 5 sets each of 10 full repeats.

Towel Pulse
Lie on your back in knees bent position. Place a soft towel across your upper legs and grab each end. Pull the ends of the soft towel towards upper body and squeeze together both thighs inward. In the process lift your shoulder up the ground simultaneously. This gives a sure shot tummy retract for post pregnancy bulge by toning up the abdominal muscles; can do up to 20 sets in a single workout session.

Stay on the Football
A work out ball is another useful gizmo for post pregnancy stomach exercise. Normal crunches using the ball and balancing gives abdominal muscle the old firmness. However this needs to be done quite later when you’re fit enough to accelerate the tummy retract by semi-rigorous workouts.


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