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Firm Booty Secret to Getting the Glutes you Dream of

From preventing injury to twerking, your Glutes do so much for your body. Having perfectly shaped Gluteus Maximus Muscles will get you both admiration and confidence for wearing those sexy jeans.

How do you keep your Glutes in shape?

By the way, no, Twerking is not a workout!

So, we give you 5 easy exercises to fire up your Glutes —

Step Up
Place one foot on a step or a sturdy box, and place your weight over that foot. Now push your hip back and stand over the step (or box). Get back down and repeat this for the other foot. I is just like walking up and down stairs.

Hip Thrust
Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90-degrees and your feet hip-width apart. Now squeeze your abs, raising butt in the air. Hold it for as long as you can and then come back to the floor. Repeat it again several times.

Donkey Kick
This move is simplistically ridiculous as it sounds. Get on your hand and knees and kick one of the legs up towards the ceiling. The bottom of your foot should be parallel to the ceiling. Without bending your elbows or arching your back, hold this position for a few seconds and repeat with the other leg.Fire

Assuming the starting position of the Donkey Kick you have to slowly raise one of the legs to the side keeping the knee bent to 90 degrees. Hold on for as long as you can and get back to the donkey position. Now do it with the other leg and repeat.

Posterior Plank
Sit on the ground with your legs stretched out in front and hands behind your butt on the ground. Your fingers should be pointing towards your hips. Now putting all your weight over your hands, raise your pelvis and thighs in the air. Your body will resemble a plank supported on your hands and heels. Keep your legs straight and head relaxed. Hold it for some time, relax and repeat.

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