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Simple 3 Tricks to Get a Perfect Flat Stomach with in 10 Days

Yoga definitely helps improve flexibility and ease stress, but most importantly youcan also target a specific area with some specialized move. Abdominal muscles are the hardest ordeal in any exercise regime; yoga however have a bundle of postures targeted for toning up abs. hardly half an hour everyday can get you the perfect flat abs.

No incessant crunches only abstaining from too much calorie intake and follow the instructions below for sculpting your fabulousflat abs.

Warm up with the Big toe hold:
You need to lie flat on your back, stretch out your legs. Fold you legs one at a time up to your chest and fasten it tightly with your hands around it. Next stretch it out towards the ceiling and reach for your big toe with the corresponding hand; you can use a strong ribbon instead and hold it as close as you can get towards your feet. Hold for 15 seconds and start rotating the stretched hand and leg setup outward without moving the rest of your body. you don’t have to try harder to reach the ground just as much as your flexible to, stay in position for few seconds. Shift your hips to the left and rotate your torso to achieving the floor; now undo the same in reverse sequence and repeat with the other leg.

Stretch to Bridge pose:
Take a supine position the floor, laying down with hands on your side and flex knees feet placed flat on floor.  If necessary, place a thickly folded blanket under your shoulders to protect your neck. Now press against the floor with your feet and rise your lower body off the ground, again as much as you can without moving the hands while your shoulders stay in their resting position. Eventually you’ll master the move to raise entire body from right below your shoulders forming an .

Twist with Boat pose
As usual boat pose also starts with lying straight face up, resting your back flat on the floor.  Knees bent foot strength against floor you raise your upper body i.e. putting all the pressure on your lower abdominal muscles to lift your head, chest and shoulders while extending your arms outwards above your head. Now, maintaining the posture of your torso press your legs together and try raising them as much as you can, in form of a boat shape. When you master this move and could balance it well include one more step by crossing over your  left hand on the opposite side of your body inwards and twist your torso to reach towards the ground on right side; repeat the same with right hand on opposite side to enhance the toning effect.

Keep swiping the sequence to bring about faster results in getting the most desired flat abs.


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