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Getting Rid of Back Pain in 30 seconds

Let’s face it, back pains are horrible. There are no two ways about this fact. You can’t just say that “Oh! It is just something I have to live with” or “It is nothing to worry about, it will go away, I’m strong enough to withstand it”.

No! Don’t do that to yourself. It isn’t helping any one.

Back pains are debilitating and should be treated immediately. They generally originate in the muscles, nerves, seep through bones, joints and other parts of the spine. They are generally caused by wrong posture, a traumatic injury from the past, weakness in bones or due to the lack of key nutrient in diet.

Our lives today, are too busy. We hardly have time for ourselves and we just don’t want to stop. In such a scenario, how does one deal with back pains?

Eat Well:
If you really think about it, our grandparents and the other ancestors have always had better metabolic systems and have more strength in their bones than we can ever hope for. What is the reason?

They ate well. They did not restrict their diet to only one food group and focused on getting a lot of Vitamin D in their hey days.

Practice Yoga:
Yoga has never left anyone uncharmed and unhealed. You name an ailment and I’m sure there is a position or a suggestion in diet or a breathing exercise that can cure it.

It uses stretches while monitoring breathing simultaneously to help your body bounce back to health.

For Back Pains, we recommend you try this stretch and notice how your back pain vanishes.

Knees to Chest
Lie on your back on the floor and bend you knees while you keep your feet flat on the floor.

Pull the right knee towards you while keeping the left leg straight on the floor.

Keep the pose for 20 seconds and switch sides.

Finally, hold both your knees close to your chest and keep the pose for 10 seconds.

You’ll feel much better, we promise.


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