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Best 6 ways to deal with Pregnancy Cravings

Being mom is just not easy! Mainly when it comes to eating in pregnancy, here are some tips by our Manddoveda to deal with the dilemmas of pregnancy nutrition!

While Carving your way to deliver the most beautiful gift of nature, you ought to face the difficulty of what to eat and what not! I am sure you must also be going through this dilemma of finding the right and wrong of the daily food intakes in terms of pregnancy nutrition. Questions like would eating spicy food harm my baby, can I have outside food, scooping ice cream won’t be a bad idea or would it be… and many more keep floating in our mind

The million dollar answer to all these doubts is, eat it all, but in small quantities! Do not ever submerge your cravings, just know the art to eat it right! Excess of everything is bad, same goes in pregnancy. If you are yearning for something then go ahead but watch out for its quantity! Taking a spoon or two just for taste, won’t make you stand in the trial room of pregnancy nutrition!

To sum up, here are few pointers for the momies to be:

Try and eat a variety of food to get maximum pregnancy nutrition.

  • Drink lots of water. Never let your body dehydrate, keep taking water in any form possible.
  • If possible also include coconut water in your daily routine
  • Eat what your heart asks for but in small quantities
  • Include fiber rich foods in your diet
  • Do not over stuff yourself, eat as per the hunger. Do not follow the formula of eating for two!
  • Maintain the habit of munching something after every two hours. Keep something handy by your bed side, like dry fruits, fruits, energy drinks, lemon water, so that you can eat whatever and whenever you want.

Most importantly, you must have an active lifestyle. This would make you have an easier delivery and a well managed life. All in all have a balanced diet and a happy eating!!

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