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Here’s why You Should Never Ever Throw Orange and Banana Peels

Every creation made by God is gifted with some special qualities which is helpful to the entire living race. The circle keeps going on, sometimes we benefit from a source and at times its vice versa. Therefore, nothing should be termed as a waste and thrown in the bin. Not even the peels of fruits like banana and orange. Along with the delicious taste of oranges and bananas, even the peels of the fruits have medicinal properties, which can be used in numerous ways to benefit the human body.

Orange peel and its uses

The next time you peel an orange, never ever throw away its skin in the bin. Following are the reasons, why:

  • One orange is believed to contain more than 60 flavonoids and around 170 different forms of polynutrients.
  • It helps in improving digestion, heal heartburn, acidity, vomiting and even works well in relieving nausea.
  • Taken in the powdered form, it helps in improving appetite.
  • It helps in dissolving cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, which means its a great medicine for obese people to control their cholesterol levels.
  • Also, it has amazing effects on skin. It maintains the oil balance of the skin and makes it smooth and soft.
  • Banana peel and its uses
  • Banana peels can be used to soothe the itching on the skin caused due to bug bites.
  • It can be used for the purification of water as it can absorb lead and copper particles form river water.
  • Because of its healing properties, banana peel can be used to to treat bruises or marks on the skin
  • It helps in the treatment of acne, by soothing the irritation and reducing the outbreak
  • Again, banana peels can be very effective in reducing wrinkles on the forehead or other face areas.

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