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High protein diet for vegetarians

Often vegetarian people are confused about how they can add good amount of protein to their diet. It is important to understand the diet with respect to its best time when it should be consumed. So when someone is planning an optimal diet for recovery, fat loss or any other goal, he/she should consider adding things throughout the day very smartly.

Human beings need protein but how much they need depends upon gender, age, height, weight and the muscle mass a person carries. In general terms an ordinary male needs 80-90 grams of protein a day and ordinary women needs 50-60 grams of protein a day.

Given below are some protein rich foods with their best time when they should be consumed.

Cottage cheese:  contains 15-20 percent, should be taken either in breakfast or lunch.
Almonds: contains 21 percent protein, and can be taken in the evening as a snack or between breakfast and lunch. Can also be considered early morning with milk.
Seitan: contains 70 percent protein. Can be taken in lunch (one meal of 100 grams is enough)
Lentils: contains 20-25 % protein and can be taken in lunch and dinner, can also be added as evening snack.
Black beans: contains 21% protein and can be taken in the late evenings
Soy beans: contains 25-30 Percent protein and they can serve as the best in dinner and lunch.
Peanut butter: can be used with bread in the breakfast and evening snack. Can also be used while making shakes. Some people also use peanut butter in banana shake with milk after their workout or a hectic day to refresh.
Capsicum, Broccoli and legume family food items: they can be used in the salad while having any meal. They are rich in protein as well as fiber which will help the digestive to cleanse itself,.

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