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Home Remedies for Malaria

What is Malaria fever?
Malaria fever is an irresistible ailment portrayed by colonization of red platelets in our body by a parasite called plasmodium. Plasmodium is conveyed by female anopheles mosquito and it ventures into blood when this mosquito chomps a human. Once the parasite enters the body, it duplicates in the liver and afterward influences the red platelets.

Malaria fever is broad in tropical and sub tropical locales of the world, where the anopheles mosquitoes flourish.

Malaria Symptoms :-

• High fever , regular or option day or each fourth day
• Shivering and sweating
• Pain in the appendages and general body torment
• Headaches
• Digestive disarranges

Home cure for mitigating indications of Malaria fever

1) Icy Pack: Apply icy pack to hold the temperatures down. Take a long sheet of fabric and dunk in water and wrap it around the entire body. Give it a chance to stay for no less than ten minutes and this should be possible three times each day to dispose of high temperatures.

2) Clean encompassing: The environment ought to be kept clean. Water ought not be permitted to stagnate as it gives a perfect rearing ground to mosquitoes. Ensure there is a mosquito net to anticipate mosquito nibbles.

3) Warm water: Drink warm water every now and again amid the day to wash down the guts framework and to keep the body hydrated, which helps in legitimate working of the body.

4) Basil leaves: Juice of blessed basil leaves cut down fever. Basil leaves contain two crucial flavonoids named vicenin and orientin which protect damages to blood cells.. Moreover, sacred basil leaves contains oils like cineol, estragole and linalool, which have key hostile to bacterial properties. Every one of these properties make it a viable home cure to lighten indications of intestinal sickness.

A decoction arranged by bubbling leaves of heavenly basil and dark pepper powder or powdered cardamom into equal parts a liter of water is viable in cutting down body temperature. The decoction can be blended with sugar to make it more attractive.

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