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Home Remedies to Cure Under Eye Dark Circles

Waking up to an ugly looking pair of eyes with dark circles underneath was perhaps my biggest nightmare come alive.
Women and girls completely dread the sight of unwanted dark circles and puffy eyes because it takes away the beauty of their appearance completely.
Under eye dark circles have become a commonly observed phenomenon in the recent times and there is hardly any lassie who hasn’t cried over her look in the morning after waking up. Are you one of these ladies who suffer from the problem of having dark circles under your eyes? If so, you need to identify the cause of this problem before you seek any remedies.
Observe your daily routine for a day and identify the reasons that contribute to the formation of dark circles under your eyes. Excessive stress, lack of adequate sleep, improper diet, poor intake of water, prolonged illness can some of the reasons that can lend to the formation of dark circles. If you identify any of these causes with your routine, then perhaps it is time for you to make some lifestyle changes in order to get beautiful eyes.

If you have developed dark circles under your eyes and wish to get rid of them, then try these home remedies on a routine basis to gradually diminish their appearance.

Massage with almond oil
Massaging some almond oil on your dark circles overnight and washing it off with cold water the following day can greatly work wonders to remove your dark circles. The benefit of using almond oil is that it is a purely natural ingredient that gives the goodness of Vitamin E oil to your skin. Plus, almond oil is easily available in every house so you need not worry about rushing to the market to get it.

Cucumber slices
Another natural ingredient, cucumber works excellently on your skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Simply chill few slices of cucumber and apply them on the affected skin for a few minutes to reveal refreshed skin each time. There is a reason why you will find cucumber being used extensively in relaxing spa’s as well. The astringent properties of cucumber soothes and refreshes your eyes mildly.

Scrubbing potato juice
If you are looking for some instant results, go for potato juice. Simply dip a cotton ball in the juice and spread the cotton over the affected area for a few minutes. The natural bleaching agents present in raw potato juice can lighten the skin tone around your eyes and also reduce puffiness. Simply wash off with water after few minutes of application.

Massage with rose water
For multiple benefits for your eyes, use rose water dipped in cotton balls over closed eyes. The astringent properties of pure rose water reduce puffiness of the eyes and act as a toner for your skin. The rose water reduces the appearance of dark circles, also rejuvenating your skin in the process. In just 2-3 weeks, you will start noticing visible changes on your under eye.

Lemon and tomato juice scrub
Tomato is another powerful natural ingredient that is filled with bleaching agents. Besides lightening the skin tone, tomato also gives your skin a refreshed texture. For 2-3 weeks, follow a regime of massaging tomato and lemon juice in equal proportions under your eyes for a few minutes. Rinse off with cool water post that to reveal a youthful skin texture.

These dark circle cures can be implemented right at the comfort of your home and require devoting only few minutes of your time on a daily basis. Follow these remedies to get rid of your dark circles.

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