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How can I Strengthen my Immune System

For living a healthy and a disease free life it is very necessary to have a strong immune system. Immune system acts just like a wall against diseases and infections entering our body .So an individual with weak immune system can be easily prone to diseases.

So some natural ways to strengthen the immune system and optimize its functions are:

Give proper rest to body
Decrease in hours of sleep and taking too much stress increase the hormone Coriolis and  increase this hormone causes weakening of immune system .

Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking impairs the immune system.  This causes vulnerability to lung infection.

Eating plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables
The consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables make our immune system strong by providing all necessary vitamins and minerals required in particular atmospheric and weather changes. Boosting on fruits and vegetables intake improves antibody response.

Having some sunlight
Sun rays are rich source of vitamin D help in strengthening the immune system. 10-15 min exposure to sun in morning hours in summers is enough.

Adding garlic as a part of meal
Having garlic just before your dinner is a great immune booster.

Try immune supportive herb
If you get infections frequently, consider taking immune supportive herb such as Asian ginseng, American ginseng or astragals.

Regular physical work
Doing exercises daily lowers blood pressure, controls body weight ,protects from various body diseases and helps in maintaining a healthy immune system. Exercises results in promoting good blood circulation in the body which allows cells and substance of immune system to move through the body freely.
So having a stress free and healthy routine accompanied with a nutritive and balanced diet can help in strengthening your immune system naturally.

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