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How to Become an Exercise Addict

“Fire in the mountain, run, run, run!”

As Children, we were so excited with the idea of playing games and getting involved in activities, whether it required us to run or step or jump or hide. Only as we gradually grew up, laptop screens and mobile phones started grabbing our attention, the result of which is quite evident. A lazy and lethargic us that have forgotten how to even jog a little distance. All of us have immense potential to become exercise freaks but somehow one or the other reason keeps cropping in between our potential and here we are, sitting again and doing nothing. You might have friends, who, in spite of their hefty schedules, never miss their part of daily exercise or run. If you envy those who look all fit from head to toe and make you despise your own routine, then it is time to get motivated to do something for yourself now.

Put that morning alarm and get up with it
Exercising at one particular point of the day and then following a routine of the same time will help you stay more focused. Moreover, exercising in the morning is best as it will keep away all the distractions during the day.

Hold on for six weeks
That is the time your body takes to start showing off the results of your hard strenuous workout sessions. Once you start noticing a difference in your body, surely you wouldn’t want to go back. Just keep up for 6 weeks and then you will not need any more motivation.

Try a different form of exercise
It is possible that a particular exercise routine or a workout session on a particular machine wasn’t very helpful for your body. Skip it next time and then try a new one that you can perform daily without hurting your body.

Get help
If you are unsure what will work best for your body then hire a professional trainer who can assist you in a routine workout. They will also be able to guide your better about which body parts need more attention.

Start paying for it
Where there is money involved, you pay much higher attention to get your money’s worth. Join a gym or hire an instructor.

Be in your limits
Overdoing any exercise or yoga can be detrimental to your health. If your body starts aching badly, you may have to skip doing your exercise the next day. It is better to keep the exercise schedule in a limit.

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