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How To Conquer The Weight Loss Plateau And Unshackle Yourself

In spite of hours of sweat off every day and keeping up with painstaking diet plan does your weight loss regime seems to hit a sudden standstill? If yes you are walking you way round and round over the weight loss plateau. Well you can call it an ineffective limbo – when the metabolism of body slows down owing to actual weight loss the rate of losing weight also goes a down slope eventually hitting a point beyond which you can’t really see any further decrease in weight. This deadlock is referred to as the weight loss plateau and is indeed one of the trickiest barriers in your path of crafting a svelte you.

Don’t lose your heart neither your hopes – if you’ve pushed through hard this far already to lose those vanity pounds, you can definitely do it all over again; but in a more strategic way.

Mix Up Your Workouts

To maximize the benefit from your exercise sessions, you want to blend it up. For instance Mix up the yoga with dynamic palates or perhaps team up your aerobics with efficient cardio training; even working on with an increase in intensity of gym equipments may also be helpful in breaking the deadlock of weight loss plateau.

Start Simple

Well for the above trick to work you’ve got to keep your exercise regime on an escalating plane that is only possible when you start with simple workouts. It’s not just the number of repeats or doing more sets its about making it harder gradually to reduce weight at a constant rate; like if you’re building your delts don’t start with weight training – begin with normal push-ups and get to weight training when push-ups hits a standby.

Beware of cleanup duty

Even by avoiding mindless munching and following the diet plan stringently won’t spare you off the weight loss plateau; as long as you decide to slurp up the low fat soup till the last vestige or a couple of spoons extra just to finish it all up you’ll be trapped in it.

Also keep a calorie meter handy – it helps a lot to maintain status quo.

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