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How to get a six pack Abs | Three Ways to Sharpen Your Abs

There are so many misconceptions about making those 8 pack abs really appear below the chest. Some say that one has to work out every day on abs while others advocate the need to do abs twice a week. Some say 6 exercises for abs while others recommend non-stop abs workout for 2 hours. People get confused often.
Here are three methods that a person can follow and boost the abs workout, which have been tried on many people and it always worked perfectly.

When should I train abs?

A person can train abs for maximum 3 days a week. The best time to train them is after the warm-up. It depends upon the priority, what you want and how badly. When you want chest rather than abs you train your chest first and train abs afterwards, but here you need abs so train them when you are full of energy.

How to train them?

Do 3 to 4 exercises for abs in a session. Do 3 sets for each exercise and do repetitions until failure, i.e., until the muscle completely dies to do anymore rep. Be very honest to this approach. When you still have energy to do more reps but you stop because it hurts due to lactic acid in muscles, you are not doing anything good. You should try to do more reps in spite of the pain. Don’t train them heavy like any other muscle, train them for reps. train them while putting your brain inside the muscle to feel it from every corner.
Start with a higher intensity (make it difficult to do repetitions when you start your set) and later decrease the intensity (slowly make it easy so that you could end up doing too many reps) when it turns difficult to continue.

How to breathe, while training abs?

Many people do not really focus on breathing. When a person breaths out while squeezing the muscle in his concentric phase, he puts lot of more focus and pressure on the muscle. Push in too much of blood by repetitions and respiratory technique. Pump the muscle and never settle down for rest between your set, as it pushes the blood out of the muscle leaving it pump-less.
Try the methods and get an aesthetic body sooner.

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