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How to Lighten your Dark Knuckles and Toes Naturally

Imagine that moment when we are all dressed up in our favorite dresses or shorts and our attention suddenly drops to our dark toes and knuckles. We try a number of ways either washing or scrubbing regularly, but alas nothing works to lighten them. Those stubborn and nasty dark patches on our knuckles and toes tend to lower our confidence and makes us feel uncomfortable. There are many reason for these dark patches, such as when the dry skin is over-exposed to harsh chemicals and detergents, it leads to darkness. Some skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis can also make our knees, knuckles and toes dark.

Instead of jumping over to some expensive creams or lotions, you can easily get rid of the stubborn patches naturally at home. These remedies are inexpensive and effective.

Pampering is what everyone needs
All of us pamper our facial skin and body, but we often neglect our toes, elbows and knuckles. Avoid using extremely hot water while washing them. Use a soft pumice stone or loofah to scrub off the dead cells gently. Pamper yourself with regular pedicures and manicures to keep them soft and supple. Don’t forget to moisturize those areas regularly. You can also use glycerine, olive oil or almond oil to massage and moisturize them. To prevent further skin darkening, you should always use a good sun block to provide the much needed protection.

Go the lemony way
Lemon is known to be the best remedy to lighten your skin tone effectively as it has bleaching properties. Mix the juice of half a lemon along with sugar and gently scrub over the dark patches. Keep it for some time and wash off with warm water.

Honey, lets mix it up
Honey is known for its extremely moisturizing property. It helps soothes the skin and makes it supple. Mix equal quantities of honey and lemon to make a mask and apply all over the knuckles, feet and hands. Keep for some time and wash off with warm water.

Almond milk, anyone?
If you want a soothing scrub, then try the almond milk scrub. Crush a few soaked almonds and add a few drops of raw milk to prepare a paste (you can also add curd). Massage for 10 minutes and wash it. Do this at least twice a week and see its magic work on your skin.

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