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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

How many of us look in the mirror and then hold our breath, sucking our stomachs in?

You can do crunches, toning, skipping and what not — but the roundness of our stomachs returns faster than it goes away. However, there are more ways to flatten your stomach other than those exhaustive workout sessions.

If you want to lose your belly fat without doing exercises, follow these tricks:

Eat Carbohydrates
Contrary to popular belief, consuming  carbs can help you lose excessive body fat. Being more fulfilling, carbs like bulgur wheat, dark bread and cereal fibre, reduce our appetite and we tend to eat less. This makes us lose the bloat.

Say No to Sugar
Though sugar comes from organic products, it is treated by many chemicals during its refinement — and so it becomes unfit for a healthy diet. The trick here is to avoid processed food and consume proteins,vegetables and whole grains. Therefore, the use of honey and cinnamon powder is recommended instead of sugar.

Sleep More
Yes! Studies have shown that people who sleep longer and more often lose belly fat quicker than people who sleep less. This is because when you sleep less, your body demands more food and so you eat more. Therefore, getting your sleep cycle in line is another effective way of losing that fat.

Drink More Water
Remember, drink water = lose weight ! Make it a habit of drinking two cups of water before every meal and you could lose 7 kilos in 12 weeks. This magical elixir of life can perform miracles — and so whenever you have that urge for a snack, reach for your water bottle instead of any cola or food item. As a bonus water keeps you hydrated and keeps your internal organs in good working order.

Women, Get Drunk
Male and Female bodies process alcohol differently. The higher level of enzymes in males break the alcohol efficient, where females are not that good at it. However, it serves as a boon because it reduces the number of calories burned, which means less solid intake.

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