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How To Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy | Weight Loss

While bringing a new life in this world female gains weight, it is a natural phenomena and one should not be worried about the weight gained as it can be reduced easily after wards. One has to stay motivated and keep belief in the workout and eating habits, to get results. Result is easily achievable when all the perspectives are taken care. With the development in exercise science, there is multiple numbers of methods available, which can help a woman attain desired body structure.

Given below are some methods and techniques that a woman can follow and can easily reduce the recently gathered fat.


cardio is required to lose fat, and when cardio is done in interval it gives superior results. Walk for 2 minutes and run for next 1 minute followed by a walk for 2 minutes, and again run for 1 minute and so on. When a person does such a workout, it works astonishing in reducing fat. The variation in the heart rate every other minute creates a situation for the body where more calorie burn takes place.

Initially a person would be able to do this type of work out on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes only, but as the time will pass, it will become easy to spend longer time doing it. This should be done every day before the weight training.

Weight training

when the target is concerned with fat loss, one has to focus on the bigger muscle groups like chest, back, and legs. It requires more energy to train bigger muscles and later while recovery also they boost the metabolism. So, train Monday and Thursday: chest, Tuesday and Friday: back, Wednesday and Saturday and: legs. Do any 5 exercises for each muscle group and perform 3 sets of 20 reps in each exercise.

Post workout cardio

perform cardio exercises like cycling, cross trainer and abs workout. They will add extra effort in the quest to reduce fat percentage.


Spend 15 minutes to stretch all the body parts before you leave the gym. Stretching will help in improving flexibility and reduces muscle stiffness and also enhance the conditioning.


follow a well balanced diet routine, where the protein intake is higher than the carbohydrates. Add healthy fats like olive oil, peanut butter, and dry fruits in your daily routine to keep your skin, joints and hair health better after the pregnancy.

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