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How to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Our heart is perhaps the most over-utilized part of our body. It has been working for us 24×7 since the time we were born. It plays the cupid for us and sometimes also helps us to take some big decisions in life. But do you realize how are we treating our heart? Are we taking the best possible care or are we just neglecting it? And what if one fine day our heart just stops listening to us and stops working? Well, then you know the consequence.
Heart attacks and strokes cause the maximum deaths in the world and are one of the most frequent diseases around us. Majority of the people don’t realize that they are suffering from stroke or just suffered a heart attack and thus don’t pay attention to it. Heart attack is caused when the heart valve or muscle suddenly stops receiving the oxygen-rich blood and thus the heart is oxygen-starved. If the flow of the blood is not restored soon, the heart starts dying.

Prevention is better than cure and majority of t he preventive measures are similar for both heart attack and stroke.

Read and know your risks
There are several risk factors attached to heart attacks and stroke and one should be quite aware of them. One of the most important risks is age. As you grow older, your risks increases multi-fold. The second is your genetic heredity. If your parents or grandparents have a history of heart diseases, then you might have a high possibility to catch one.

Maybe the pressure is too high
Do you what is the most popular and fatal silent killer- it is the high blood pressure (also called hypertension). As the pressure in your blood increases, it increases the pressure in the inner linings of the blood vessels and can lead to the rupture of the arteries. The rupture can occur either in your heart or brain and thus cause stroke or heart attack. Keep your daily salt intake under consideration (not more half a teaspoon), exercise daily (moderately) and stay away from fatty and fried food.

Keep that nasty cholesterol away
Majority of the cardiovascular diseases are caused due to the increased amount of blood lipids (fats). Maintain a good ratio of LDL (good cholesterol) and reduce the HDL (bad cholesterol) in your body. Diet plays an important role in maintain the cholesterol level in your blood, however if you have a family heredity of suffering from cholesterol, then you should seek medical advice.

Look what you eat
Abdominal obesity is a clear sign to increased chances of heart attack and stroke. It also contributes to the epidemic diseases like diabetes, which increases the impact. Controlling your portion size and burning more calories than what you eat helps you to lose weight and keep a check on the cardiovascular diseases. Make exercise your daily habit as it not only helps to reduce weight but also helps to De-stress your mind and body.

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