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How to Use Shikakai for Hair Growth

You have probably heard it a dozen times from your mother or your grandmother but you aren’t quite sure whether a simple kitchen item can really do some miracle to your hair. Your list of hair woes is endless and you constantly keep trying to make ends meet by following the best beauty brands and products. Perhaps, it is time to rethink about your mother’s suggestion. Yes. Shikakai is indeed an excellent product for your hair and it can naturally enhance the beauty of your hair effortlessly. Not just beauty but Shikakai shows some truly spectacular results on your hair by softening them and enhancing their shine.
Shikakai is native to the Indian subcontinent. Since ages, it has been used for treating the scalp and hair with proof of excellent results. The rich store house of essential vitamins that shikakai is, the results can be seen effectively on your hair in terms of improved growth and health of the mane. The reason why you should opt for treating your hair with shikakai is that unlike your regular bottle of branded shampoo and other products, it isn’t as expensive and is more conveniently available at a store near you.

Shikakai as a shampoo
As an occasional substitute to your fruity smelling shampoo, you can scrub some shikakai paste on your scalp and give a smooth massage to your head for a minute or two. A tiny amount of foam will eventually build up which is when you should gently wash off the mix from your hair. A good amount of conditioner on the hair after the wash and you are ready to boast your shiny and well moisturised hair. The effects will keep improving over time.

Shikakai as oil
If you are aiming to give your hair some boost for its growth then you should definitely give this remedy a try. All you will need to do is to mix one spoon worth shikakai powder and a few spoons of good quality coconut or basil oil. Place these in an air tight container and store it in a cool place. For a few weeks you will be needed to shake the mixture occasionally to stir the contents after which it will be ready for use as hair oil. Simply shampoo your hair after some time of application.

Shikakai as a hair pack
If the above two ideas of using shikakai did not appeal to you, you can definitely give this one a try. A simple hair pack with shikakai powder and yogurt can be applied on the hair pre wash. Within a week’s time, you will start noticing considerable difference in the health of your hair.

Shikakai is packed with the goodness of nutrients and vitamins that are essential for hair growth and healthy maintenance. Using it in one or the other form will help you get long lustrous tresses in no time.

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