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Incredible Homemade Conditioners for Treating Damaged Hair

Girls have to face it all. From head to toe, every body part demands attention and since God has not quite blessed all of us with the perfect everything, a girl after every other curb can be found crying and blaming the bitter truth of life.
Among other issues from top down is a girl’s hair. Well, not only because they break and find home all over your clothes or the floor but also because the very discovery of their existence on your clothes and not your scalp is a depressing sight. Surely, not one lassie is spared of the struggle of having to face frizzy and damaged hair at some point of her life. Lustrous and long hair is a source of craving and envy for most. Not only does this hair type look charming, they also reflect a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Excessive heat, bleaching, perming, colouring, over brushing, and over cleaning are some of the common reasons why hair generally faces damage. You must have indulged in one or more of these habits to get your hair in bad shape. As a consequence, your hair must be prone to split ends, dandruff and dull appearance.
If this is quite your scene these days, it is time for a wakeup call for your mane. Try these helping homemade conditioners for treating your hair with the goodness of wholesome foods and lot of care.

Avocado and banana conditioner
Banana is known to add nourishment to the hair and thus prevents any unwanted fizziness. With moisturising properties, avocado helps in growth of your hair and adds a wonderful sheen to your hair.

Vinegar and egg conditioner
Egg is known to contain excellent conditioning properties. Vinegar acts as a natural supplement for hair growth and also helps hair recover from hair loss.

Yogurt hair mask
Yogurt is known to contain excellent properties that help in conditioning the hair deeply. For those struggling with dandruff, yogurt should be your new best friend.

Natural oils
At least once or twice in every week, you should adopt a hair oiling regime for your hair. As far as the question of selecting oil for your hair is concerned, you can choose from a wide range of exotic hair oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and more for your hair. These oils contain excellent hair nourishing properties that will add beauty to your hair.

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