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Is Garlic Toxic for the Human Body

For ages, Garlic has been used extensively from keeping the vampires away to use it as an antiseptic. It is well documented that when the Russian soldiers in World War 2 ran out of penicillin, they used Garlic instead.

In many parts of the world, Garlic is considered as a medicinal herb, however, its claims for being a life saver are still not established by medical science.

Let’s discuss some adverse effects of Garlic on our body.

  • Though Garlic helps in lowering the blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and boosting immunity, its excessive intake can cause adverse effects like nausea, fatigue and dizziness.
  • It can upset our stomach. Taking garlic without any consideration towards its amount, can cause several gastronomical problems, including but not limited to — nausea, gas, bloating, burning sensation in stomach, and even diarrhoea in some cases.
  • It can also cause severe bleeding disorders. If you are about to go under a knife for a surgical procedure, stop taking Garlic immediately.
  • As a test, take one or two cloves of Garlic and rub it on the sole of your feet. Soon you will be able to smell Garlic on your wrist. This is how fast it travels in the blood stream.

Other adverse effects include headaches, bad breath, body odor and light-headedness. But a moderate intake of Garlic can also help you in many ways. Therefore, we recommend to check with your doctor before adding garlic to your regular diet.

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