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My Back Hurts! Exercises That Can Hurt Your Back

In the list of exercises that can hurt your back I have to include some of the top best exercises. Unfortunately these are the most useful and result giving exercises but due to some reasons they can hurt back severely. If one could perform them with right technique and method they can give best results in strengthening and help in loosing fat too.

Bent over barbell rowing

it is known as the best exercise to increase the thickness in the upper and lower back. But for some people it becomes a night mare when they get hurt while doing this exercise. Because it involves almost all the back area, it is considered the best exercise, but for the same reason is can cause a lot of damage too. One has to keep the back absolutely straight while doing it.


This is another exercise for back, which really builds the mid outer portion of Latissimus Dorsi, but just like the previous exercise it targets the back at a dangerous angle. One has to be sure enough about the movement and there is no need to go very heavy while doing it.


generally people think they can gain bigger muscle mass by lifting heavier weights but when it comes to shrugs, one has to be very precise with the amount of weight used, because this exercise intends the doer to slightly bend forward from the lower and that’s the point where one could get hurt.

Stiff leg dead lift

Done for the hamstring this exercise is one of the best to create enormous muscle mass. It is done while keeping the back straight and pushing the hips backwards while taking the weights down towards the shoes. Often times people find it difficult to focus simultaneously on back, hips and hamstring and whenever the back goes arched, they fall in the situation where they can get hurt.

Leg press

Some people might think this is such an easy and safe exercise, but actually it is one of the most dangerous exercises for back. Especially when the weight comes below the limited area. As soon as this happens, the lower back gets vaulted and L-4 and L-5 come in a situation where slip-disc can occur. One has to make sure to bring it down to the point where the lower back doesn’t get involved.

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