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The unknown medicinal powers of Papaya seeds

Firstly Papayas are grown in almost every part of the world and their health benefits have been known to mankind throughout; especially for good skin.  Not just the fruit, every part of the Papaya tree is very useful; Papaya leaves are efficient in increasing the Platelet count in the body and help cure Malaria as well.I bet you didn’t know Papaya seeds also have health benefits and is an active ingredient to undo medical problems.

The medicinal powers of Papaya seeds include:

5 amazing unknown power of papaya seeds.

Anti-bacterial properties
Endowed with ant-bacterial properties, one crucial medicinal powers of Papaya seeds is to help fight against bacterial invasions. Undoubtedly it’s the best natural remedy for treating food poisoning.

Liver tonic
Papayabeing an excellent detoxification food that helps in Liver detox; in fact the seeds help twice as much as the fruit to replenish damage caused by excessive alcohol. Further several vital nutrients contained in Papaya seeds help protect against liver cirrhosis.

Helps fight Viral Infections
It is noted that people in Costa-Rica used Papaya seeds to fight Dengue fever; thus besides being anti-bacterial medicinal powers of Papaya seedstarget virus as well.  It is indeed a good
viru-cidal agent in fighting viral infections.

Anti-Inflammatory actions
Anti-inflammatory in nature Papaya seeds greatly helps in the treatment of Joint diseases and arthritis. Also alleviates the pain associated with the inflammation in joints. 

Protection against Kidney Diseases
Papaya seeds help maintain proper kidney functions as well an incomparable in treating kidney diseases naturally. If kidney failures runs in your family make sure you cut it out with Papaya seeds even before the symptoms show up.

Recent study to find more health benefits of Papaya suggests Papaya seeds help slow down the growth rate of cancer cells in tumor by boosting immune system with more amounts of cytokinins through a mechanism called immunomodulatory effect.So from now on think twice before throwing away those slimy black seeds, they do have immense medical powers.

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