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Powerful Home Remedies for Hair Growth that Work Wonders

Every girl has remained unsatisfied with her hair since forever. She would cross the road, roam the mall and spy on every girl that passes her and will immediately feel a jolt of envy within her. “Oh my God! Look at her hair”. Even God himself will find it hard to give a satisfactory life to a girl when it comes to her hair.
Nevertheless, even after loathing our own mane and envying those of other girls, we keep peeping in the mirror to make sure our hair is perfect. There is also a constant effort to find new ways to improve the quality of hair. You are not alone in this mission and you can trust that every other girl on the planet is trying to win the same game.
You must have faced or must be facing an endless list of hair problems starting with dandruff to hair fall and dryness. While there are premium beauty products available in the market to tend to each of these issues, a little effort with home remedies will bring no harm. While using shampoos and conditioners laden with chemicals is a habit that we cannot drop, a little effort with some natural and safe homely ingredients will only add benefits to your hair.

No more crying with onions
Red onions contain sulfur. That boosts your collagen production and hence helps in the re-growth of your hair.

Apple cider vinegar to the rescue
Vinegar is known to cleanse the scalp and helps in maintain the PH balance of the mane. As a result, it helps in accelerating hair growth.

Whisk some eggs
Eggs have been known to contain high levels of proteins and many other nutrients. Since old times, eggs have been used for improving the hair texture and formation of new hair.

Fenugreek for diet and hair
Besides the health benefits of consuming fenugreek seeds, a simple paste with these can promote hair growth and conserve the natural color of your hair.

One big potato for hair
Potato juice contains innumerable vitamins which are very effective in a situation of thinning hair.

Green tea for your cup and hair
With abundance of antioxidants in them, green tea effectively promotes growth of strong and fine hair.

Indian gooseberry
A powerhouse of vitamin C, amla promotes healthy hair growth and improves the texture of hair.

Natural oils
Get authentic oils like coconut, jojoba, flax, castor, sage and more for your hair. These oils contain excellent properties that promote hair growth and keep the hair healthy.

These ingredients can be easily found over the counter at your home. Try these today to get the benefit of healthy and lustrous hair.

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