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Pregnancy- a divinely magnetic phase

You are the most precious thing on earth, certainly because you are going to bring the most gorgeous thing to the world. Life makes you come across a number of changes but this is the most amazing one. Pregnancy is undoubtedly the nature’s most resplendent gift to a woman, so you should be proud to be a woman. You are different in every way from a man in fact at par from him, therefore the comparison just does not exist.

The nine months of pregnancy in you brings hundreds of changes which makes you all the more strong, firm, confident and beautiful. Many women get the phobia of ‘I am not looking good’ in pregnancy but let me assure you, this is the time when you look at your best. You are withholding the most treasured blessing of the world, so be proud of yourself.

This is a priceless gift from God, so you should feel glorified to the fact that he had chosen you, to bring one of his many children to this creation. You might look out of shape but always remember this is just a phase which might or not come again in your life, so enjoy it to the most. Do whatever you feel like and eat whatever you want. Go with the flow, don’t overburden yourself because others are saying it. Every person is different so is their body, don’t compare yourself to any other.

Listen to others but don’t let their thoughts harm you in anyway. It’s in you and nobody else than you knows it better what’s going inside your body. Always must consult your doctor before trying any new methodology or a medicine. Also, never ever stress yourself, if you have any tensions just let it vent out. In short don’t allow anything or anyone to harm your mental peace and happiness and always remember you are beautiful!!

Coming from a new MOM to all to momies to be! Enjoy Being Mom!

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